What Is Remy Hair

Remy hair:is the most popular kind hair for now.but not all people know more information of remy hair.as this kind hair all cuticle be kept,so it less tangle problem.

remy hair is cutilce be kept ,and all the cuticle in the same direction。for now in market have two kind remy hair.

machine remy hair:this kind remy hair is made by machine,use the machine to keep all the hair cuticle in the same way.this kind remy hair can be bleach and dye to from 1# till color 27#.

hand remy hair:this kind is the real remy hair,quality is better than machine made remy hair,and price also expensive than machine made remy hair. this kind remy hair also can be bleached and can dye any color as want.

for now in market have follow kinds hair:

chinese hair,indian hair,brazilian hair,burmese hair,mongolian hair,vietnamese hair,european hair .

the most hair for now in market is indian hair and brazilian hair,because indian hair and brazilian hair more soft ,european and american people hair more soft and thin,and chinese hair is more rough,so many light color is made by chinese hair.


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