what is clips hair

before clips only be used on white skin woman,but as the hair extension become more and more popular in the world,most black skin woman also would like to use clips hair now.so let us see what is clips hair,and how to use clips hair extension.

clips hair extension is easy to understand,it is clips sew in weft,and usually cut into a whole length human hair weft into a few pieces,some peole like 7piece,some like 9pieces,and others like 10pieces. for weight the most be used is 120g,150g,170g and so on.

when sew the clips to weft,there is a few place need to note.first the clips color and line color must be the same with hair color,and second,the clip should be used the one with silicone(there are two kind in market,one have silicone,another is no silicone).

clips hair is the most convenient hair extension compared with other kinds human hair extension,it can be put and take anytime and anywhere.we recommend you take it from your head before sleep,because that can protect your own hair not be damaged.


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