human hair lace wig

a:Whether the lady who has own long hair can wear a human hair lace wig?

The answer is absolutely yes!Before you wear a human hair lace wig,you need to tie your own hair well first,

then make the hair a close fit on your scalp with a tiled angle.Finally,you can wear your human hair lace wig

perfectly.So there is no effect to wear a human hair lace wig,whatever your hair is short or long.

b:Is it hot to wear a wig in the summer?

You need to know that the wig cap is made of breathable mesh cover,it is quite suitable for people,

so you will not feel too hot.Even you want to wear a human hair lace wig whole summer,it also won't bring

you any problem and worries.

c:Can we wear a human hair lace wig in the daytime?

Human hair lace wig is made of 100% human hair,it is quite soft,and has good feeling and gross.

d:Dose it look so real?

they are all genuine human hair products.As long as you pay attention to the hair color

when you choose a human hair lace wig,it needs to match your own hair color.

and also the lace cap color should match your own scalp.

e: Will it take time to wear a wig?

Of course when your first time try to wear a human hair lace wig, you may need to ponder for a long time.

But this is entirely a skilled trades which just like wearing contact lenses,when you are familiar with it,

you can fix it in two minutes conveniently,even save more time than take care of your own hair.

And you will be fond of it.


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