how to choose hair type according to skin color?

today we got one message from our customer,our customer asked how to choose hair type because she have white skin.

we all know there have indian hair,chinese hair,malaysian hair,brazilian hair,mongolian hair,peruvian hair in when you choose hair type maybe it is a little let us give you some advice.

for white color women,we recommend you choose chinese hair ,malaysian hair,and european hair.

chinese hair and malaysian hair more thick,so it is more better to be deep processed(we both know white skin color people more like light color),for light color need be deeply processed.they choose european hair that because european virgin hair more access to theri own hair.

for black women,indian hair,brazilian hair,peruvian hair,malaysian hair is the most choose,besides malaysain hair,all other type hair have more dark natural color,and also can have a natural wave on the hair.

that made these kinds hair material more match black women,and also more easy to take care.

hope this share can supply you help.


Service team