how to care my lace wig?

most customer will ask this question when they buy lace wigs from us,and here we share the right methed to care your lace wigs.

1:before yu wash a wig,please comb the hair on wig at first,comb the dirty thing from the hair.when comb ,please start it from bottom,and then up little by little,until all hair become smoothly.

2: when you wash wig,please use cold or mild water ,.and before wash you should soak the hair in water with shampoo .but please note,the shampoo yu should use mild,not acid or alkaline,that because if you use acid or alkaline the hair knots will be corrosion,and knots will become loose,then it will bring hair shedding problem,and forbidden to wash the hair in big power,yu should wash that as slightly as you can.

3: after you wash,take the hair from water,use the dry towel to absorb the water .after the hair become less water,yu should use the hair conditioner on the wig,hair on lace wig like our own hair,it also should be look after carefully,by this way lace wig will use more longer than your expect,after conditiner, just hung up the wig,and let natural wind made hair on wig dry,and when you hung up the wig,please note not hung up that like cloth,yu should use a head mannequin,if you hung up with a laundry hook,the cap easy to change shape,and can not fit your head very well.

4:after the wig dry,please comb the hair again in right way,then you can wear that to show your beauty!


Service team