can i dye my wig ?

most customer often ask us whether they can dye the hair color on their lace we share something with everyone for this question.

before you want dye your hair on wigs or on hair weft,yu should confirm something.the weft or the hair on wigs is made by remy hair or non

remy hair. if you order the wigs and weft made by non remy hair,we recommend you not dye the hair.because we both know the hair color

is bleached at first and then dye to the color as you want,as non remy hair already be deeply processed and the cuticle also not in same it will badly damaged your hair.

if your wig or weft is made by remy hair ,then the hair can be dye again,but the advance is that you are very professional on hair and wigs,and

if you dye the light color to dark color that is much better,but if you want dye dark color to lighter then it is not easy.

if you really want to dye your hair weft or hair on your wig,we hope you can tell us before you made order,so that we can let our worker process

the hair in a reasonable condition,then you can dye that directly when hair or wigs arrive your hand.


Service team