Wonderful ideas -- how to collect your wig

There are so many women bought wigs but don't know where to put it when the wig is not to wear.

if the wig is put in the bag,women feels trouble,if not,it will be messed.Also to buy a dummy for the wig is too expensive ,

and it is a waste .Then what shall the women do?I gonna teach you a method here and it only cost you a little money.

First ,you need to prepare a ball which just the same size as your head.If you don’t have one ,you can just buy it in a toy store,

and a not very good quality ball is ok. You don’t need to spend a lot to get one.Then you can find a fixed ball cylinder (cuboid can also be),

and finally put the ball on the cylinder.Once the wig is not need to wear,you can just put it on the homemade model ,which is convenient and simple.

Some girls maybe think it is ugly, they can just DIY, then put the self-made model slightly dress up,and it will look more perfect.

Above all,special wig folding can also be used,it is also quite convenient.


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