Wig——we need it here and there

1. Fashion model

When a fashion model walk on the stage to show his/her clothing,their hair style must match the clothes they wear,and they need to convert the shape in a quite short time.To save the time,a wig is usually

used to model or even it can just replace the real hair to get the perfect effect.

2.Super star

As it known to all that hair style is quite important for the personal image,especially ,singer.Full lace wig is one of the most important part of the dressing up for a singer.When there is a concert,

the singers may change the hair style oftenly to work with their clothing ,so that it can match their sings.Under this circumstance,different types of wigs are needed to save the time.


Some people or commercial organizations will play the part of some people image for some reasons,such as taking part in costume ball,promotional activities… In order to get a better visual effect,

the wigs are usually be used.People always wear a wig to join the cosplay activity,,the wigs have different colours and styles,it can been seen quite often during the Halloween.

Cosplay usually plays a part of image in the game,animation,and cartoon.Most of the hair colour of these images are quite special and distinctive,it is quite different from real hair,and the person who gonna

play the part cannot change their own hair colour,cos it is neither waste time ,money nor do harm to the hair.So now a vivid cosplay wig is quite necessary.

4.court clothing

In England,the wig is a part of the lawer’s clothing,and this kind of wig shows us solemn .Many juders and lawers have only one wig,and never change it.It is because that they think the old wigs represent the

high status in the judical field.

5:life use

as wigs and hair extension is more and more popular,more and more people see wigs like apart of life,like shoes and cloths.many people wear it for beauty,

and some people who have hair problem also will use a wig to keep handsome and beautiful young girl like use many kinds of hair extension to be special.


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