Wig is popular now!

You can sit in the salon for 4 hours to get a hair style which maybe maintain 3 months,but you can also

buy 3 top quality wigs. If you understand the intentions of taking care of them, we can guarantee at least 6 months without any mess of hair style.

Only a short while ago,wigs are just prepared for several person:judge,bald and transvestite.Except for some special dress party,people’s enthusiasm for artificial hair is always quite weak,not to mention the

wigs. They are either Dolly Parton type or Cher type of curly dog , in short, they are quite not cool.

But when I was writting this article,what on my head is a 100% synthetic full lace wig,and it is very bright

pink.My own blond hair is firmly squashed and fixed in a place called hair cap.

Girls,let’s ready for it,because the wig is popular now.During the Christmas seasons,the wigs in

Topshop and Selfridges are all sold out.When we first started ten years ago, you can't even convince

people to wear a wig for fun. But today we have it in a great short supply.For the consumers,the wig is not only bought to match the party clothing but also as a daily dressed-up.

How the wig become a kind of fashion product? The celebrity effect nature is undeniable.It is said that,

there is always a top backup wig in the pop singer Beyonce’s house. Oscar winning actress Halle Berry

is also a wig fans.If you had watched the paparazzi shot of Pixie Geldof's life, you would think she had

London's busiest hairstylist. In fact, this will be due to her considerable wig collection

As to the wig,I have trird many times,and I find it absolutely addictive, because every possibility lets you

find a new myself.Looking at myself wearing a pink wig, I couldn't stop screaming and laughing.I even

consider to cut my long hair and get a popular Bobo head.One of my friend even didn’t recognize me who wears a wig.Now,I can’t see any fun for a blond hair,but to wear a wig must let you not be the same!


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