Why Price Have Such Different On Synthetic Hair Lace Wigs?

Synthetic hair lace wigs plays same important role like human hair products,even you never wear a synthetic hair wigs,there will still more girls would like to have a try. Because synthetic hair have so much hair color and hair style,but during you choose the perfect synthetic hair for yourself,you may found why there have such a big difference price on synthetic hair lace wigs.now we help you uncover the mystery.

There have some factors decide the synthetic hair wigs price.here they are:

1: cap construction

Usually there have three kind cap construction on synthetic hair wig,they are all machine wig,lace front wigs,and full lace wigs,and full lace wig is the most expensive,all machine wig is the cheapest.full lace and all machine synthetic wig price is fixed,there will not have a big fluctuate.but lace front synthetic wigs will have some fluctuate according to lace wide in front.we know in market for nor most synthetic lace front wig lace is around 2.5inch,so if you want 4inch or 5inch,then price will higher,and also if the lace only have 1.5inch in front part,then the price also will cheaper,so when you decide to make a order,you should careful,value decide the price,it make sense all time.

2: hair material

We know even same cap construction,same hair color,same hair length,the price of lace wigs also will different,besides worker fees,and other fees,another reason is the hair material.if you are familiar with synthetic hair,you will know the material of synthetic hair have these :protein filaments,kanekalon,korea high temperature hair,and chinese hair.protein is the most expensive and also less quantity in market,kanekalon and korea stand high temperature hair is the most on market for now,and chinese synthetic hair material is the cheapest.so that also comes the reason why price is different,because the cheaper one use cheaper synthetic hair.hair material decide the natural or not,and also decide the synthetic wigs life.so from this view,price should not be the only reason for your final purchase.

3:hair color

We know there have thousands color on synthetic hair,but some hair color is is expensive,such as ombre hair color is expensive than on color hair,and some hair color in fact be mixed by a few kinds of hair .and some color even be dyed.

4: hair length.

From our company within 26inches all no extra money,but if you ask for 28inch or 30inches,even longger,then price also will different.

5: stock or custom hair wig

We both know stock wig price is different on custom wig,so if you choose custom wig,the price will a little higher than stock wig.

Hope our words can help understand the price factors on synthetic hair lace wigs,if you still have confused,welcome you leave us message,we would like to communicate with you .


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