why human hair weave is so popular?

human hair weave is the hottest!no matter you are a black women or white women,more and more

people like use it.why human hair weave have such a big magic?

1. Human hair weave can be a protective style, that means it can cover the natural hair that is braided

under it and keep it away from manipulation (heat damage, excessive combing, tight hairstyles, etc) and

from drying out

due to climate. While wearing weave, your hair is given a chance to "rest" and grow underneath.

2. Black women would like a chance to change their hairstyles without damaging their own hair.as they

are born with curl,so they are hard to have natural long and straight hair, Yes, they

can bleach it to get it to a different color or flat iron it to make it straight, but this results in a lot of damage

and prevents your hair from remaining healthy. So, human hair weave is a way to try new things at no cost

to your own hair, that will always be on your head. You can even try a short hairstyle without actually

chopping your real hair.

3. We are not insecure or whitewashed. The natural hair revolution has grown and more, and more

women are embracing their natural curls and kinks. It is all about preference and wanting to try

something new. woman love their lion's mane, but they love their hair when it's silky and straight..

but they don't like the damage that comes along with flat ironing it so if they was into weave they

would use it to do straight styles.

4.human hair weave can be straight and silky, and also can curly and kinky to resemble a black

person's hair texture.

5. White women wear weave too. All the time. Just because their hair is naturally straight and silky, that

does not mean white women don't use extensions to make it longer. fusion hair extensions or

tape in extensions is big demand,but they will made little damage of hair more or less,so in order to

change hair style and not damaged hair ,human hair weave is the best choice!


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