why hair shedding? and the way to reduce hair shedding

hair loss trouble

Normally hair have its own life,grow to a certain length,the end of life,it is to die a natural death,will naturally fall off,this is normal phenomenon,everyone will have.

but some people will comes abnormal hair,this because hair growth is affected,we all know hair growth need nutrition.and nutrition on blood delivery.if a people long time unhealth,physical weakness,blood deficiency,poor nutrition. hair will be fall off because of lack nutrition.growth is not good but short-lived shedding,it is easy to fall the hair.lost more.there is life after a serious illness,the hair out sparse,it is perhaps for this reason.

the excessive use of the brain,or often be preoccupied by some troubles,annoyed,or met what happening,spirit is not normal also will bring hair shedding.

hair coloring,perm will cause some damaged of the hair,too many times coloring and perm will let hair lost luster and elasticity,and even yellowing withered.sunlight in the ultraviolet damaged to hair.

in order to less hair shedding,usually not often in nervous condition,the diet should be cmprehensive,appropriate to eat hard food ,appropriate to eat black sesame.

appropriate exercise helps relieve press,improve their own immunity,enough sleep also can promote skin and hair of normal metabolism,while the metabolic phase mainly in the evening,especially in the evening 10pm-2am.

hair coloring,perm interval at least 3-6months,the summer should avoid sun exposure ,swimming,sunbathing,more attention should be paid to protection.


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