why care human hair wigs and hair extensions is important?

today we would like to do a resolve of human hair lace wigs and hair extension.and we hope this can help you use and care hair and hair products more better.

during we use human hair products no mater it is wigs or hair extension,sometimes we will face some quality problem,even the best top brand also will comes same problem.

so why there comes these problem,and what the factor will cause this problem? now let us find the reason.

first i explian you how the hair be processed ,besides virgin hair natural color,all other hair color is be colored by workers.this everyone is know that.

for hair material normally wash it at first,when wash it is together with acid ,the acid kill bacterial and after wash will use ammonia to neutralization bleached and dye hair also finished during this processed.

so that means every factory the technical is fixed,but some customer maybe will meet this question,i always buy hair extension and lace wig from one factory many times,but why this time quality is very good,but next time quality is bad ?

like i had said just now,each factory the skill is fixed,but the hair material is not fixed,that is also one reason human hair products quality hard contral.

maybe you will confused,what meaning of material is not fixed? all is remy hair,there have different of remy hair?

when remy hair cut from a people head,we don't know the donors hair situation,maybe it from a people aged 20years,or maybe from a people aged 40years,

and we both know normally the donor more young,the hair will more healther,so if the donor hair is very health,then after same processed,the hair will still better than the unhealth donor.

we both know hair have nutrition,so the donor hair health have direct relation of hair quality.health hair can stand more process and unhealth hair will become worse after processed.

second reason,i believe many woman had bleached or dye hair by salon or themself,and even our own hair after dye and bleached,if not care well,it also will become dry and tangle.

so the same sense,for human hair wigs and hair extension you also need to care in right way,and this can help reduce dry and tangle.

care hair not only including hair conditioner,it should be a time job,such as when wash it ,we should use mild shampoo,not acid and alkaline.

before we sleep ,we should comb our wigs ,and then go to sleep ,it also can help less tangle,and when comb hair extension and wigs also should use the right way and so on.

since we cost much money on wigs and hair extension,so pay much time on it will worth.

if you have any doubt just leave us message ,we would like to supply all help.


Service team