Why Britain's judges and lawyers to wear a wig?

in Britain and other western country,the ceremony on the court is very developed.the British judge and former commonwealth countries and regions ,including the Hongkong judge.wearing a shawl hair,lawyer with little wig.judges and lawyers are wearing robe,usually black.hearing under this decoration ,give a person a kind of great courtesy.

judges and lawyers in court wearing a wig is one of the most distinctive traditional British courts.in some of the British legal system influences the former British colony area,we can see that with the characteristics of culture.such as the HongKong Special Administrative Region China.

But Why Britain's judges and lawyers to wear a wig?many people who study history presented many different interpretations ,but it is hard to convince all people.

some people said in middle ages,excessive fatigue and illness makes the judicial personnel who prematurely without hair,in order to cover up their own "smart" in front of the public,and popular wig convention,the scene of a British court.

and someone says ,the wig is that he be of noble character and high prestige ,and lawyers to wear a wig can play hide and protect in a certain extent.because they are worried about their defense of the accused and the results can not be recoginzed by the family

but according to a survey,57% lawyers don't like wear a wig,they hate not to take of it,the reason is that the mane wig is very expensive but not health ,and normally one wig should be used all life.they not like women's change wig frequently ,not because of money ,but there is based on a claim,the wig yu wear long,the older the more dirty,the deeper the color.yu into law is a long time,and in judicial field age is a treasure,in a sense ,the first age older wig become lawyers to solicit business,but the old wig is rich trial experience signs


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