Which way is better for you ? Human hair wigs or hair wefts together with lace clousre ?

You must had met such problems,there have some choices to face when buy human hair products,even you have a limited budget,there still hard for you to choose human hair wig or choose wefts together with lace closure.i meet same problem like you ,there have too much choices made you hard to decide.now hope our opinion can help you more clear.

If your budget is enough,then you can custom the best for you ,so that is not in our discuss,now let us see how about limited budget.

If your budget around 100-150dollars.during this price,you can choose synthetic full lace wig,human hair lace front wig,360lace front wig,human hair bundles with closure and so on.

I think less people choose synthetic full lace wigs if have the chance to choose human hair products.

So which one is better lace front wig or 360lace wig or 3 bundles with one closure?

If i choose ,it will be 360lace wig,lace front wig,and the last will be 3 bundles with one closure.

Want know the reason ? Here they are :

1:360lace wig maybe the most popular in market for now,not only it new design,the main reason it is the price is reasonable and can perfect meet your demand.it designed crown part heavy density(this solution most women biggest problem),and around perimeter is full lace design,that can keep natural and also easy to wear.

2:lace front wig had been in market a long time,and till now it is still most women love,the reason from me ,it is cheap,and also convenient to wear.but it is not as good as 360lace wigs,because it is just 3inch lace in front.and also machine made in back.

3:3bundles with closure,there have a big quantity women loves wefts with closure very much.but for me ,i don’t love hair bundles with closure,the reason is sample,it is too complexed to wear compared with lace wigs.and also waste me much time.it can not keep as long life as lace wigs.the only reason is that it is more flexible to be used,also can creative the lace wig by your hand in person.

So if you more like to change your own hairstyle much frequently,and more like to sew lace wigs by yourself,then bundles together with closure is a great choice.

And also another problem is that,most women feel wear lace wigs the scalp can not have a great breath.they feel not ventilate.so they more like to wear hair weaving so that can better ventilate.especially when they sew the hair wefts together with their own hair.

In a word,above is just my own opinion,it can not stand for your opinion,so you can choose the one which is the best familiar with you.


Service team