Which one is better? machine made wigs or hand made lace wigs

No matter synthetic hair wigs or human hair wigs,both have machine made and hand made,synthetic lace wigs most are lace front back

by machine made,but also have some customer use full lace wigs on synthetic hair.some customers will have a little hesitate between

machine made wigs and hand made wigs.hope after our explain can help you dispel the doubt.

1:shipping time

For this point,it is very clear,machine made wigs product time more faster than hand made lace wigs,normally a lace front wigs can be

shipped 7-10days,but a hand made lace wigs should need around 18-20days.so if you need in urgent of some lace wigs but no stock,

maybe you can consider machine made wigs.if you can wait,then hand made wigs is better.

2:reality and comfortable

We know machine wig have track(because of it is machine with weft),though now it have stretch covered on wefts,but it is still thick than

lace,so from this point,machine made wigs is no advantage.hand made wigs most cap material is lace,so it is very thin,and also have

good breath,the most important is that if you use glue,it is very reality.

3:usability and changeable

We know when wear lace wigs,you can choose some special design for yourself,such as add silk top,thin skin,mono ,and so on,for

these demand hand made lace wigs is easy to meet,but machine made wigs can not,so if you want more choose,and more special

design hand made lace wigs is the best.

Maybe some customers confused,is there any advantage machine made wigs have? For sure it is the price,price is the biggest

advantage for machine made wigs,so if your budget is not too much on wigs,then you can choose machine made wigs.also can

choose lace front wigs(it is front hand made,back by machine)price is also very reasonable!


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