Which one is better?full lace wigs or human hair weave?

Full lace wigs and human hair weave as a part of hair fashion,both plays an very important role.

But when people decide to follow the fashion,Many people will feel a little hesitate,they may ask ,which

one is better? Full lace wigs or human hair weave?

Now let us put them together to see.

First: from the cost

Normally one full lace wig price is around 200-300us dollars,and if you wear human hair weave for a

full head normally need around 300gram,that is 3pcs(each piece is 100gram).3pcs price is around

150-250dollars,so from money sight,human hair weave is more better.

Second:the time of use

Normally for a full lace wig,if you keep that in good condition it can last around 1-2 years.for human hair

weave,the most is last 3-6months(the hair can last as long as wigs,but as the weave often be taken off

and on,the line on the weave will become loose,that is why normally should change),so from the use

time,wigs is better than hair weave.

Third:the way to use

Full lace wig normally need wear by glue or tape,so in order to wear very realistic,you usually need a

stylist,but if you are very professional,you also can wear that by yourself.human hair weave normally be

sewed to head,so it is also need take time and use people,so in this area they are the same.

Forth:produce time

A custom full lace wig usually need around 10-20days ship,even rush order it also need 7-10days at

least.human hair weave even custom only need 2-4days shipping,so if you want in urgent,human hair

weave is better.

Fifth:the realistic

Wear full lace wig use glue and tape directly on our own skin,so it is very realistic,as lace color have

transparent,light brown,and brown,so it can match your skin color very well,human hair weave

normally sew on hair directly,so it matched your own hair easily.so both of them are realistic.

Besides the above we list,each people should choose by your own situation,if you no hair or hair less,

you have to choose full lace wig,but no matter you choose full lace wig or human hair weave,you will

love it!


Service team