Which hair extension is better ? Clips in hair extension or human hair weaves?

Human hair extensions had become a part of women beauty,there have so many different kinds of human hair products for women to

choose,but no matter lace wigs,hair pieces,hair extension,there always have some difference,and women also have a preference for

different kinds of hair products.such as clips hair extension and human hair weaves,so know their difference is important.

For clips hair extension,when women wear,they must have their own hair,clips hair can used on their hair directly,for human hair weave,

it can be used on women both have their own hair or without their own hair,maybe some women confused if no own hair ,how to use

human hair weave?in fact most women like do the hair products by themself,they can sew the hair weaving to cap,so that it looks like

wigs,that is why customers normally ask for 3-4 pieces hair weaves,for hair weaving each piece weight normally have 100gram,and

110gram,but clips hair have 100g,120g,150g,180g,200g and so on.

When wear clips hair extension,you can take and put anytime,it is very easy,and for human hair weave,normally should sew to head,

and also should reinstall after a few months(because their own hair will grow,if you not take off,and install again,the track will appear,

that will made hair extension not natural).for human hair weaves it normal can be used 3-6months,it is not because of the hair ,it is

because the line will become loose after you take off and put up a few times,but clips hair will no this problem,you even can take it off

before sleep.

Clips in hair extension you no need cut into in pieces when you wear,hair weaving should be cut in to pieces by yourself when you

wear,and also if you not cut in right way,it is easy to shedding hair.

Another big difference between clips hair and human hair weave it is the way of use,clips in hair extension can be used independent,

no need combine with other hair pieces,but human hair weaves normally should used with lace closures.


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