Which hair extension is best for white girls?

Compared with womens love wear lace wigs,girls more love to wear hair extensions,there have many kinds of hair extensions can be chosen for white girl,so which kinds of hair extension is the best for white girl?

For white girl for now in market have these kinds of hair extension : clips in hair extension,tape hair extension,keratin hair extension,nano hair extension,human hair wefts.we will help you make choose from s few views

1:from price view

When we buy hair products,we have to consider the price factor.so by this way,human hair wefts is cheaper,and then is clips in hair,and keratin hair,nano hair,and tape hair extension.

2:from harmful to your own hair view.

In fact all the above hair extension no harmful to your own hair.if you consider glue maybe will caused a little damaged to your own hair,then keratin hair and tape hair should not in your choose,but in fact there almost no harmful form them.

3:from the install time to consider

Well if you want to use the most convenient hair extensions,the most fast to install,then you must choose clips hair extension and tape hair extension.this two kinds of hair extension is easy to install,no need professional stylist,even your mother or your friends can help you install in a fast way.but for others such as hair wefts,keratin hair,nano hair,these kinds hair extension all need professional stylist install for you.that will take you few hours and also such more money.

4:from natural looking view

In fact if you choose the right hair color to match your own hair color,all these hair extensions will looks very natural.but if you insist want us say which one is the most natural,i have to say tape hair extension.

5:repeat use

When we buy one hair extension,we maybe will consider whether it can be repeat use.and you are luck we can teach you how to repeat use of these kinds of hair extensions.for human hair wefts,if the line on the wefts loose,then it is hard to be repeat use.because once the line loose,the hair will shedding.for clips hair extension it also have similar problem,but if the hair line not loose,you can easy to repeat use.for tape hair extensions,the top is made with tape,and now in market there have the tape to sell ,so if your tape on extension no glue,you can use a new tape to replace the old one,for keratin hair extension there have many kinds including itip hair,utip hair,flat tip hair and so on,but only the itip hair can be repeat use.because it is no need use glue,only need change the silicone beads.

We had listed all the tips for you choose hair extensions,each people have their own to choose.hope this can help.


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