Whether it is good to wear a full lace wig in the long term?

First,we need to know why the full lace wig exists?

For the people who have the physical and pathological defects,I think full lace wig is a must.

It can fill or cover up all the unperfect existence.These people are very care about others’ comments

or vision about the hair,so they need to wear the full lace wig often,and most of them have to wear it

in the long time.There is also another group who has a need to full lace wig.

They are the women who always have the pursuit of fashion.They can meet the urgent occasions

that need them to change the styles or modeling by wearing a full lace wig.

This community is quite large and have various of demand.But,this only needs in some

certain situations and few person wear it in the long term.

And we also need to know,compared with our own hair,what are the inadequacies of the full lace wig.

Full lace wig is just like a hat.If the weather isn't cool,you will not feel good wearing a long time.

It will accelerate the metabolism of the scalp,sweat more and secret more oil.

And the wig will not let the scalp sweat easily,and make it difficult to breath.Finally,it may cause

allergic rash and alopecia.Also,it will increase the dandruff.In addition,you can’t make strenuous

exercise or swimming in case the full lace wig shifts.When windy heavily,you’d better not wear it,

or you may chase it on the street.

So,the choice of the full lace wig is very important.if you are the person needs to wear it long time ,

you must think about whether it is breathable.And don’t purchase the cheap one

.As to the cap material,soft and comfortable is the key.

If you are just want to pursue the fashion,and don’t wear it long time,you can have many choices.

If you are wearing a full lace wig,congratulations,yu made the right choice ,because it can let your

scalp breathe easily,and you had better wash you head ever night,this can remove the

grease and dirty on the scalp and maintain the health of hair.Herbal plants shampoo is better.

Using some Conditioner can neutralize the basic substances of shampoo.

When the full lace wig is not weared,just comb the hair using the steel comb(not the plastic comb).

You can comb the hair along the original hair style.And then put it on the special wig stand.

Or you can put it in a box with a plastic bag wrapping to prevent the dust.

Don’t squeeze it when stores.Even though full lace wig is not easy to get dirty,

we also should pay attention to the regular cleaning.


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