Where to buy custom synthetic lace front wigs and what tips i should note?

When most people pay more attention on human hair lace wigs,and there also have enough people facus on synthetic lace front wigs.even more people wear synthetic lace wigs than human hair wigs.no mater black or colorful synthetic lace wig,it seems most people have to buy from stock,and then they will tried of always wear same color and same style like others.so in this situation,they more like to wear their own style.they want some color which can not come through on human hair lace wigs.so they would like to find place for custom synthetic lace front wigs.

In fact most customer meet this problem,when they ask for a store whether supply custom service on synthetic wigs,they get answer is no.but you are lucy that our store can do custom service on synthetic lace wigs also.

Here some tips you should know when do custom synthetic wigs.

1: hair length

For now our store supply the synthetic hair length most from 8-26inch.maybe you would like 30inch,but to tell the truth,the more length you want,then it will easy to tangle.

2:hair color

We meet some customer ask us for synthetic hair color number,they maybe search some beauty synthetic hair from other website,and in others web site write hair color,then she told us the hair color number direct.acturelly there have hundreds of color .so even same hair color number,it is still maybe different on color ring for different company.so if you love some synthetic hair,the best way to send us the clear picture,we can do for you according to your picture.

3:hair density

Normally our synthetic hair wig density is 150%-180%,so if you have special density demand,please let us know.

4:cap szie

We normally all prepare size medium,so if your head small or large,please let us know in advance.

5:cap construction

For now we do most are lace front back by machine with closed weft,if you have your own cap you love,please let us know,we will meet your demand on everything.

Besides synthetic lace front wig,we also can do synthetic full lace wig,all machine made synthetic wig.

If you want custom synthetic wigs,don’t hestitate !come with us now!


Service team