Where can i get custom synthetic lace wigs?

When most women pay more attention on human hair lace wigs,there a lot of women only love synthetic lace wigs,but not all company can supply the synthetic lace wigs as you want.you are lucky now,bhairextension company can supply all kinds of synthetic lace wigs as you want.

Now let us see how many kinds of synthetic lace wigs bhairextension company can do!

1:synthetic lace front wig

This kind of synthetic lace wigs most company can do ,it is no special demand,just 3inch lace with back by machine wig cap.

2:4.5inch lace parting synthetic lace front wig.

Acturaly some women not love 3inch lace in front.they more love 4.5inch lace in front,because the big size it will looks more natural.and they can do a more big parting in front.

3:silk stop synthetic lace front wig

Like we had said above,most women only love synthetic lace wigs,so they want do many things that similar on human hair lace wigs,so synthetic lace front wig with silk stop is a good choice.we both know silk stop is the most realist cap construction in market.so bhairextension can easy do the silk stop lace front wig for you.

4:synthetic full lace wigs.

We believe most women love the full lace wig cap realistic and breathability.

So they had try to move this full lace wig cap advantage to synthetic lace wigs,it is synthetic full lace wigs.no matter full lace wig with stretch or full lace wig with stretch ear to ear.we can easy to do the synthetic full lace wig as you want.

Maybe you will confused.is that custom synthetic lace wigs have some limited?

We all know that when you custom human hair lace wigs,there have some limited,such as hair length longest can not more than 30inch,some hair color can not be done on human hair,such as pure white color,and also some hair style can not be shown on human hair wigs.

But all these limited will not come on synthetic lace wigs,you can custom any hair color,any hair length as you want.it can easy to meet all your thoughts on hair.and even try some crazy color that you never try on human hair wigs.

So if you want try one custom synthetic lace wigs,and if you can not find a good place to get what you want.then bhairextension is a good place for you to choose!


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