What the most popular human hair wigs on white women

Do you still think human hair wigs only be worn by black women?do you still think white women less wear lace wigs?if you still think like this.then you are out!human hair lace wigs on white women have been increasing a long time.and it still increasing.so how to choose the most popular human hair lace wigs become a hot topic.now let us tell you how do get your favourable human hair wigs.

1: glueless lace wig is more popular than full lace wigs.

Though white women wear human hair lace wigs more and more,but it still have some difference with black women,for white women people more love to choose glueless full lace wigs,acturaly black women also not like glueless.but white women more abvious!

2:silk stop more

In our most order for white women.most of them more love to choose silk stop on lace wigs.for one side it can make the scalp looks more natural,and another side,i guess because before most of them wear mono cap.so silk stop cap is more access to mono feeling.

3:hair texture

For hair texture for white women is sample ,normally is : silk straight,natural straight,body wave,natural wave.so these hair texture is the most be chosen by white women.

4:hair density

White women not love very thick hair density on their lace wigs,so in most condition,then more like to choose medium density,such as 120-130%.

4:hair color of human hair wigs on white women

Hair color maybe the hardest for you to choose,because all above factor is not important,but hair color is very important.for a right hair color can enhance your looking very well.but a wrong hair color also can bring you bad feeling.

So what the most popular hair color of white women lace wigs?

a:blonde color human hair wigs,especially platinum blonde.is very very hot by white women.but please note for this kind of hair color,you have to use virgin hair material to get the best results.

b:darkest brown hair color

We also named that natural hair color,in fact most women love black hair.but they most time love darkest brown.that is why natural color is very popular.

c:highlight ,mixed,ombre color human hair lace wig

First you should know what is the difference between highlight,mixed,ombre color.

Here their picture:

ombre human hair wig

highlight lace wig

mixed color human hair wig

So from the picture you can easy apart from them,these three kinds of hair color also the most popular way love by white women.

If you don’t know what hair color to choose?not worry choose one of the above color yu will not out!


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