What the Difference of kamo knots lace wigs and silk top lace wig?

Kamo knots is referred by some customers these days,but they can not understand what is kamo knots,and also confused the relation

between kamo knots lace wigs and silk top lace wigs.now let us know it better.

First kamo knots is a kind of bleach knots,we know bleach knots very well,and kamo knots is an improved bleach knots,it not only

bleach the knots,but also bleach hair root,the root bleached around 0.5-1inch,so it looks hair color more lighter access to scalp,from

some sight it more similar like ombre color,but it is just can be done on natural color,color1b,color2#,and knots of lace wigs can not


Silk top is different,it can totally hidden the knots of wigs,and it is no hair color limited,all hair color can do,from outside it is much reality

than kamo knots.

In order to make you understand better,here we attach two picture for you compare.

Kamo knots outside looking:

silk top lace wigs outside looking:


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