What the difference of indian hair,chinese hair,brazilian hair?

Human hair lace wigs and hair extensions already be accepted by more and more women,most women

start use human hair extension or human hair lace wigs to do some change of hairstyle.

But when they choose the products,they found there are too many choice to do,that made them hard to

make decide.in fact each kind of hair have their own feature,we both know indian hair,chinese hair,

brazilian hair is the most used on market.

1:indian hair

Indian hair is the earliest human hair be used on lace wigs and hair extensions,it is cheaper than

another two kind hair,and also soft than chinese hair,it is very good use indian hair do all kinds of

hairstyle.and indian hair hairstyle can last a long time.so it is good choose that if you want wave,curl and

all kinds of hairstyle.

2:chinese hair

Chinese hair is the strongest hair compared with other hair material,and it have a very good natural

straight,when you keep the chinese hair in hand,you will feel thick,that is also why it is the best for

straight hair products,as it is thick,so chinese hair can stand deeply processed,so most blonde

or light color all be produced by chinese hair.

3:brazilian hair

Brazilian hair is popular in recent years,it is the most be used on human hair bundles,it is a good hair

for hair weaving,brazilian hair is soft,and the most important ,it have a natural wave and curl.

That is more preferred by black womens,because this more accessed to their original hair style.

So if you want your hair with natural hair style,and less be processed,brazilian hair the best.

Besides indian hair,chinese hair,brazilian hair,also have malaysian hair,mongolian hair,peruvian hair in

market,as these kinds of hair is not as popular as indian,chinese,brazilian hair,so we not do explain on

that,but if you have any interesting or doubt,you can leave us message through our web,we would like to

answer you.


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