What the difference between super fine swiss lace and swiss lace ?

We believe most women know swiss lace wigs very well.because this is the mainly lace material be used on wig market for now.we not sure whether you had used super fine swiss lace,but if you never used before,we recommend you have a try,it worth.so what the difference between swiss lace and super fine swiss lace?

1:super fine swiss lace more thin and soft

When you put two different kind lace together,you can easy to feeling,supper fine swiss lace is more thin and soft than swiss lace,for this there have two advantage,one is make you wear more comfortable,and the second as it is more thin the lace have a better realistic than traditional swiss lace.maybe someone will asked,since super fine swiss lace is more soft and thin,will it strong?the answer is yes,supper fine swiss lace is strong than swiss lace

2:better lace shape not changed

There are most people tell us when they wear some lace wigs long time later,the lace will not as compact as original.for super fine swiss lace will no this problem,no matter how long time you wear,the cap shape will keep compact as its original.

3:better for your scalp

Super fine swiss lace is made by more better lace than swiss lace,so by this way it can give the scalp a btter protect than traditional swiss lace.

Like we talked super fine swiss lace have so many great advantage,so maybe you will worry will the super fine swiss lace will more expensive ?acturally the price of super fine swiss lace price is higher than swiss lace,but it only higher 15-20dollars.

If you want a better feel and more comfortable on lace wigs,we recommend you have a try on super fine swiss lace,you will fall in love with it!


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