What The Difference Between Lace Front Wigs,Upart Lace Wig And L Part Wigs?

If you are familiar with lace wigs ,then you must hear so many kinds of new design of lace wigs.such as full lace wig,lace front wigs,glueless wigs,u part lace wigs,L part lace wigs and so on.

Most of you would like to try new change on lace wigs,but you not,the reason is that most of the wigs you not know well.after our explain,you will know better.

1: u part lace wigs

It is more clear from the picture,there have a U shape in front of the cap.and when wear the wigs,put your own hair through the U shape,then use the combs fixed the wigs in your head.

By This way,when you part the hair,it will show your real scalp.the U shape can be designed middle part,left part,and right part.so if you love part your hair then the U shape wigs is a good choice,but if you more like free hairstyle,then we recommend you choose lace front wigs.

2: L shape lace wigs

Acturally L shape wigs is not as popular as U part lace wigs and lace front wigs.but it still be accepted by a part of women.it is similar like U part lace wig,just the shape is L.it the same way to wear like U part wigs,also put your own hair though the L shape .and then use combs fixed the head to your head.the biggest advantage also can show your own scalp when wear wigs,but can not part the hair to anywhere as you want.

3:lace front wigs

Lace front wigs is the most be used in market for now,compared with U shape and L shape wigs,it can be part anywhere as you want,but can not show your own scalp.and also can not blend wigs hair with your own hair.

In fact no matter you choose U shape wigs,L shape wigs or lace front wigs,they all can be designer on full lace cap construction,lace front cap,and glueless lace cap.the only you should note,it is the U shape and L shape size,normally we design use our company size,but some people have a special demand size of the shape.

so this you should let us know before order.


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