What the difference between fake scalp lace wig and full lace wigs?

What is the hottest topic on human hair lace wigs ?it must be fake scalp lace wigs.we had explain what is fake scalp lace wig last content.but what the difference between fake scalp lace wig and full lace wig?

Full lace wig the cap we believe most of women all know that,for scalp cap lace wig the only difference is cover with a kind of stretch lace.so when you see from outside,it seems like there have scalp on the wig.by this way it let you feels more natural.so it that really better than full lace wigs?everyone have their own opinion,

Full lace wig advantage

For now full lace wig still is the thinnest lace wig cap than other types of wig cap.

Breathability,in fact breathability is a very important function for women who often wear lace wigs,good breathability can let your scalp feel more comfortable.

Fake scalp lace wigs

To tell the truth,it only seems a little natural than full lace wig,besides that ,we really can not agree fake scalp lace wig is a better choice than full lace wigs,but if you have good ideas on lace wigs,we would like to hear your idea to make improved on everything about lace wigs!


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