what the difference between care own hair and human hair on wigs?

Hair plays an very important role in one people’s looking.change a different style the looking will have a big difference!so take care of our own hair becomes a very important things.some women have their own thick and silky hair,that really wonderful !but some women for some reason can not have their own thick and long silky hair,then they have to borrow lace wigs for help.in order to as natural as they can ,human hair full lace wigs will be the best choose.when you wear lace wigs,take care of the wigs also a very important thing,now let us see the difference between care own hair and hair on wigs.

1:wash hair

We all know when we want to wash our own hair,their is no limited on the water temperature.we can wash in cold,and also can wash in higher temperature.that all decided by ourself.but when you wash wigs,you have no choice,you have to wash the hair in mild water or cold water,please not put the wigs in high temperature water.

2:shampoo and hair conditioner.

For our own hair,when we choose hair shampoo,we will choose acid or alkaline according to our own hair situation.that will good for our hair,but for wigs,we can not use shampoo with acid or alkaline,we also have to use mild shampoo(wigs professional shampoo will the best).because if shampoo have corrosive,it will easy to cause shedding problem.

3:care after wash.

When we washed our own hair,we can use towel powerful our hair direct,and also can rub our own hair with big strength and also can use hair dryer blow that.we never worry tangle problem or direct sunshine.but for lace wigs,you have to press the waster on hair slightly with towel,and also should avoid strong sunshine direct.

And for human hair wigs ,when you not wear ,you should collect them in right way,so that they can keep in a good condition.

Besides different,there also have some same thing on both our own hair and human hair on wigs.

1:they all not allow to sleep with wet hair,sleep with wet hair easy to cause tangle,and also bad for your health.

2:no matter how you care your own hair or wigs,shedding can not avoid,from a study one people one day will shedding around 40-100hair.so what we can do is try our best to protect hair.


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