What the best & fast way to get long hair?Is hair as long as well ?

here are most women would like long silky and thick hair,so when we talked with customer there are more customer ask for heavy density and super long length wigs(especially on synthetic wigs).but is the hair as long as well? The answer is no!

Here we list some reasons for you reference:

We all know the most long hair you have the hardest for you to care.please imagine when you wash a long hair normally for a short hair only need wash 10-20 mintutes ,but for long hair you need wash around one hours even more.the same sense you dry the hair also need a long time and same as hair conditioner.that waste time and money.and we also know that hair need much nutrition,the longer is have the more nutrition is needed.

Besides the above problem,there have another biggest problem.longer hair more easy to tangle!

So from this point of view,it seems long hair is not as good as you imagine.

But we have to admit long hair can add you more charm.then question comes how to keep charm with long hair and avoid the above problem?our answer is wigs!especially glueless lace wigs.

By wear wigs you no need wait such a long time to have long hair(we know a people one year can grown hair 10-14cm)so if you want long hair such as 24inch you should keep your hair many years.that also a big cost.and you also can save much time on care your hair,wash a wig is more easy than wash your own long hair.also another good reason is you can change your hair style and hair color very easy.also no harmful to your own hair.

Maybe you will confused why choose glueless lace wigs is better ?

Choose glueless wigs is more convenient for you,you can take it on and off whenever as you want.so you no need worry your scalp breath problem.

As the cost of wigs you also not worry.there have both human hair glueless wigs and synthetic hair glueless wigs,so you can choose the hair material according to your economic capacity and demand.if you are young,like fresh color,would like to change hair style and hair color very offten,then synthetic lace wigs is a good choice.if you are career women,less chance change hair color or style,then human hair lace wigs is a good choice.

No matter which kind wigs you choose,you should familiar them at first.


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