What’s the most popular type human hair lace wigs for Australian women?

We often get some message from Australian women,they ask us to introduce some popular types lace wigs for them.and we are very appreciated for them to give us this chance to do a further knowledge of lace wigs of Australian market.

1:lace wig cap construction

There have 3 types lace wig cap is very popular,they are lace front wig,full lace wig,full lace wig with silk top lace wig.lace front wig is very easy to take off and wear,full lace wig cap can be most breathability and realistic.silk stop lace wig can hidden the knots,and also can protect the scalp less ultraviolet rays.but it is also more expensive than full lace wig.

2:hair color for Australian women

For Australian market there have there kinds hair color is the most popular,one is natural black.(we guess that because less women have natural black hair color ?),the second one is brown hair color.the third one is blonde color .for brown color and blonde color i guess more access to customers original hair color.it is also some women will try ombre color,but compared with above three kinds color,it is less quality.

3:hair texture for Australian women

If you are often keep an eye on lace wigs industry.you will know USA is the biggest people demand,the women in usa most love curl hair,but women in Australian most love natural straight and wavy hair.there are less curl hair be demanded.

Besides above tips of lace wigs,it seems Australian women not would like to pursue new comes design lace wigs,such as 360lace wigs,and fake scalp lace wigs.

If you have any question or opinion ,welcome to discuss with us !


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