What Is Weft Of Hair Extensions And Everything You Should Know About Weft Hair Extensions

If you said one kind hair extensions can take up hair market as many as lace wigs,then the answer must be weft hair extensions,weft hair extensions also name human hair weaving,human hair bundles,difference country people have a different name on it,but no matter what named it is ,it plays the same role all over the world.

Let us see a picture of weft hair extensions at first:

From the picture you can easy to see weft hair is made by human hair,and on top it is be sew by machine through line with glue.that is why most be name machine made weft.also have some top be weaved by hand,that kind named hand made weft.

Acturaly we often meet some people ask some question of weft hair extensions,and now here we share everything for you.

1:how many way to use of wefts hair extensions

No matter white women or black women ,there have two kind to buy human hair weave.one is they have their own hair,they sew in hair extension to their own head directly,and another kind is they no their own hair,they use human hair bundles to made a wig,and then wear it.for first kind ,they also can sew clips on the wefts hair,then it is more like clips in hair extensions,by this way it is easy to take up and off.by second way,normally should together with lace closures or lace frontals,so that do a perfect wig.

2:how many meters when hair bundles stretched?

For this question,acturally no a fixed answer,after our explain you will understand,we know normally a piece human hair bundles weight is 100g.but if the hair length different,then the stretch of human hair weave also will different,the longer hair you choose,then the shorter strecth length.but the most length is around 1.5-1.8meters.if you have specail demand,you can tell us,we can custom for you.

3:how many human hair bundles i need for a full head?

We know most people would like a very heavy hair density on their head.if you have your own hair,then you just sew in hair extensions to your head ,1 pieces will be enough,but if you want use human hair wefts to make a full lace wig,then it normally should use around 3 bundles.by this way can make sure your head is full enough.

4: is the weft hair double weft?

If you referred this question,that means you had further learn about weft hair extensions.yes normally human hair bundles be done both single and double weft(single means top sew by machine one time,double means top be sewed twice by machine).so it is obvious that single weft not as strong as double wefts.but double wefts the track on top will thicker than single one.for now on market most we use is double weft.unless you have special demand,we all do double wefts.

5:how long the wefts hair extensions will last ?

The life of human hair bundles is around 3-6months.in fact most times ,wefts hair extensions end with life not because of hair quality,it is because of the line and glue used on top.we had mentioned in above,the top hair fixed by line,and also glue.as it most be used sew to head,so if you take off and on many times,the stitches hole will make line loose.then it will cause shedding hair problem.so you have to change.

5: can we do same hair material and texture like wigs?

The answer is sure.no matter the hair material and hair texture,you all can choose the same like on lace wigs.from indan hair,chinese hair till brazilian hair,from remy hair to virgin hair.from straight ,wave,curl and yaki,and kinky straight.all the things on wigs you all can come true on human hair bundles.

Now as the development of internet.order everything online is more easy ,what you just do is just choose the hair material and hair texture you love.then you just need stay at home to wait for surprise!


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