What is the difference of ombre color and highlight color lace wigs?

We often meet some customers hard to make decision when they buy lace wigs,especially on hair color.

some people like ombre color,some people like highlight color.now let us see the difference.

Fist: from the function

Ombre color have two function one is make the hair roots more natural,and another is just for personality

for highlight color there only have one function it is for personality.

Second:the way to made

Ombre color is one hair have two color,roots one color and bottom another different color.

Highlight color it is from root to bottom all same color,you can understand by this way:it is similar like

mixed color,but the hair percentage is less than 50%,usually 30% is the normal.

Third:outside looking.

For ombre color you will feel the roots color grow from people’s scalp,it looks very natural,but highlight

color can easy to see it is not grow from people scalp,here have two picture to show you:

highlight color:

ombre color:

if you still have doubt during shopping,please let us know,hope you can find ideal lace wigs for you.


Service team