What is sew in hair extension? And why choose sew in hair extension?

You must have met this situations,you want wear human hair extensions,but there have so many kinds hair extensions on market,that make you feel hard to choose.some hair extensions you are faimilar,but some hair extensions you even don’t know what it is ,and also don’t know how to use.we often met customer ask us what is sew in hair extensions.so now let us make a deep known on sew in hair extensions.

Usually we called all hair extensions which be used sew on hair,we all named sew in hair extensions.so according to this standard machine made wefts,hand made wefts,skin weft all belongs sew in hair extensions.

Sew in hair extensions had been a very long history on hair industry.and still hot till now.so why sew in hair so popular by women?here we will show you.

1: sew in hair easy to use.

It means that can use by a whole extension,and also can cut into a few pieces as you want.you no need worry whether you have own hair or not,because it can be used on both people have hair and bald.not like such other hair extension,you must together use with your own hair.

2:totally no harmful to your own hair

We know some hair extensions have to wear with the help of glue or tape.yes it is also no harmful to your own hair.but when you remove them from head,it will have some tape or glue on your hair,sometimes hard to remove.with sew in hair,you no need have this worry,it is 100% by hand ,no glue,no tape ,no chemical.the only thing you need is line and needle.it can be sew to the weaving direct.

3: last longer time than other hair extensions

We know that sew in hair normally can last around 6 months if you care well,but if you choose tape hair or keratin,usually they can not last so long time,you have to change tape or glue for that.

4:less cost

If you are in market of hair a long time,it is easy to know that sew in hair price is more competitive than other hair extensions such as tape hair,keratin hair,clips hair and so on.so from ecnomic view,sew in hair also a better choice than others.

5:perfect blend with your own hair.

When you choose human hair weave as sew in hair,you never consider hair style,hair color,because you can choose any hairstyle as you want,and every hair style and hair color will perfect blend with your own hair.


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