What is ombre color lace wigs?

As development of human hair lace wigs,people not only focus on the function of lace wigs,they start to try do many innovation on it,innovation on lace material,wig cap construction,hair texture of lace wigs,hair style of lace wigs and also hair color on lace wigs.ombre hair color is one of the achievement.

Ombre color hair lace wigs have two way for people to choose.

One way is just for beauty,as we know women not satisfied with one color lace wigs all the time.more and

more people would like to more try on different of color.

Another way is that ombre color can makes hair on lace wigs looks more reality.this most show on

blonde and white women.we all know that hair color on white women changed as time goes by,so the

roots of hair one color,and bottom of hair have another color.this we named ombre color,so this is the

original ombre color hair come.

In fact the most ombre color we met daily is two color on one hair,so it is also named two tone color,but it

also can do three tone ,four tone color.

The most important thing of ombre color hair lace wigs ,it is the root length,because if the roots color too

long,it will looks not natural,and the shortest for roots we can do is 1inch.

In order to let you have a better understanding of ombre color lace wigs,here we show you some example


1:roots black bottom is dark brown

2:roots black bottom light brown

3:roots black bottom blonde

these is the most often be used ombre color lace wigs,if you want more choose,you can go our web to

have a look,we can meets all your demand on ombre color lace wigs on human hair lace wigs and

synthetic hair lace wigs


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