What is HD/film lace on lace wigs and lace frontal ?

As the lace wig fast demand in market,more and more company try to promote new products to market,HD lace(also named film lace )is another recently be referred products.but less women know what really a HD lace,so what is HD lace ?

Before we explain more information ,please see the picture at first:

This lace in the hand is HD lace,the most feature of this kind lace that it is can match any color scalp perfect,no matter transparent,or light brown or brown scalp on lace wigs.but we not sure whether you had note a problem,though HD lace have such natural function,but it is less be reffered on lace wigs,most be refferred on lace closure and lace frontals,here we explain you the reason.

In fact HD lace had been in market many years ago,it is not a new product,for real HD lace is very thin and soft,it real enough,but not strong enough.that is why HD lace not be widely used on lace wigs,becasue we had do some test,if you use real HD lace,the wig have a very big chance to broken.but in lace closure and lace frontal ,it is much better ,because lace closure and lace frontal size is smaller than lace wigs,and also it is most be sewed to head,not like lace wigs weared to head direct.so in this situation,lace clsoure and lace frontal can be protect better.

We know in market most company said they can supply real HD lace,but in fact most are not real HD lace,so when you buy lace wigs from them,please be careful.!


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