what is fake scalp lace front wig?

What is the hottest topic on wigs for now ?if you keep some eyes,it must be fake scalp lace wigs.but in fact less women really know what it is .now we are here explain fake scalp lace front wigs for you now.

In fact fake scalp lace front wig this ideas comes by one influencer named paris harley in 2007 year.but till now this thought come true.we had creative the real fake scalp lace wigs according to her inspire.here is the picture how it looks:

Fake scalp lace front wig it is on base of lace front wig covered with a kind of special wig net,it is looks like silk stop from wig cap,but in fact not silk stop.by this way there have two function on this design.one function is it is a little natural than lace base (because it with a wig net from outside seeing).second function,we think this can help you without use wig net,by this way can let your head feel more freedom.

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