What is 370 human hair lace wigs?

As human hair lace wigs had been hot a long time,so there are more and more updated products comes ,360 lace wigs had been accepted by more and more women,but there also some company comes 370 lace wigs,in fact many women don’t know what is 370lace wigs,so here we do a explian for you.

Here is the wig cap of 370 lace wigs,please have a look .

It is 6inch lace hand made in front,and around with 2inch lace ,crown with machine made.

So,what the difference between 370 lace wigs and 360 lace wigs?

If you had used 360 lace wigs,then you will see the difference very clear.the only difference 370 lace wig with 360 lace wig,it is the front lace part,for 360 lace wig,the front is 4inch,but for 370 lace wig,the front is 6inch,this is the only difference.

So from our view,we think 370 lace wigs no big use.it is just a kind of small updated tips,hope this sample explain can hlep you understand the 370 wigs better


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