What i should note when buy lace wigs from online store?

Now when you talked about fashion,hairstyle must be one of the hottest topic,but not all hairstyle you can get with your own hair,then wear lace wigs will be a good choice.and as the high speed of internet,order lace wigs is more easy than before,you just need choose from online store,and then your wigs will in front of your door direct.no matter you choose human hair lace wigs or synthetic lace wigs,there have some tips you should know.

1: color difference

No matter you use phone,or computer,no matter you choose synthetic lace wigs or human hair lace wigs,there must be have color (except black color) difference with screen and real hair in your hand.so when you want to order colorful lace wigs,you must do a compare,above 90% color is same can be acceptable,as we know all lace wigs color is done by hand,by hand will have little difference is normal.so you should have a prepare in your mind.

2: cap size

Another question we often met,it is the cap size.if the lace wig you order back with adjust strip,then it will be better.but if you order full lace wigs,we recommend you should measure the size carefully,normally it should be 1-2cm bigger than the size you measure.but if you buy full lace wigs or adjust strip ,the cap size is smaller,how will you do that ? Here we do a small helpful tips for you.it is easy and useful.for full lace wigs if the cap size small,then you can add on elastic strip in back ,but if you ordered one adjust strip lace front wigs,and the cap size is not fit you ,then you can cut a slit in middle of the adjust strip,by this way you can enlarge your cap,and also the adjust strip function still be kept.

3:tax problem

we had met many countries customer worry about the tax question,acturally you no need worry that at all,we always help you avoid tax,so maybe sometimes you order human hair lace wigs,but we maybe write synthetic lace wigs of the product describe.that not stands the wigs made by synthetic hair,it is just a kind of way to help you avoid tax.

4:hair texture

When we order some sample hair texture,such as straight,body wave,deep wave,light yaki,kinky straight,there you no need worry have difference,but if you order some curl style,you should note,different company have a different standard for that,if you buy from that company,you should follow that company texture chat,or if you not sure ,supply a clearly picture is necessary.

though maybe you will worry order online from store,acturally,there are still more convenient and choose when you order online store,especially for custom lace wigs,you can supply some pictures that you love,that most local store can not supply.you no need go to local store in person,just choose through computer or phone,then wigs will send in your hand,so if you do all jobs carefully,you will love the experience online shopping.


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