Ways to make your human hair glueless wigs more natural

Are you tried of full lace wigs with tape or glue? Are you tried of sewing human hair weave?most people had tried of wear lace wigs use glue or tape.in this way,there have more and more people would like to try human hair glueless wigs.but what the most discussed is that:how to make human hair glueless wigs looks more natural?

We know a wigs including these factors:hair density,hairline,lace color.hair knots.so if want your glueless wigs more natural,then we should take care of these.

Hairline of human hair glueless wigs

There have two kind hairline be choosen in market,one is windows peak hairline,another is natural hairline,for most women,we recommend you choose natural hairline,another factor is the density of hairline,most women more like light hair density around hairline,and then medium density around the whole head.and for hair knots.the most popular is single knots near hairline,and then double knots for full head.

Silk top or not?

Silk top or not that is a question.there is no doubt that silk top can hidden hair knots.that looks more like your own scalp.but silk top more expensive ,not all people can stand that price.also it is more longer time to custom the lace wigs.

Bleach knots on human hair glueless wigs

It is necessary bleach knots for all kinds of lace wigs is make sense,you just need to know you want bleach knots perimeter or whole head.

Baby hair

Baby hair have two kind. one is baby hair in front,another is baby hair perimeter,it all decided by your prefer.

Adjust strip:as it is human hair glueless wigs,so it is must have adjust strip in back ,but there also some women would like sew one band in front to keep the lace wig glueless,if you are professional,then you can do,if you not professional,then we not recommend you do.

Combs and clips:

For now all our human hair glueless wigs with combs or clips,sometimes only adjust strip can not enough to fix the lace wig on your head,so combs or clips is a good way to help.

Besides above tips help your human hair glueless wigs looks more natural,add bangs on lace wigs also a good idea.if you have any good advice or thoughts can make human hair glueless wigs looks more natural,welcome communicate with us,we would like to custom for you.


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