Ways make your hair looks more natural through wigs and hair extensions.

What the most cared by customers when they make a decide to buy one lace wigs or hair extensions?some people worry quality,some people worry price,some one worry shipping time.

But most people will care one thing in common,that is will the lace wigs or hair extensions will natural on my head ?

And now you are in right place,we would like share some tips for you to let your hair looks more natural!

For human hair lace wigs

We all know that lace wigs with baby hair,lace wigs with bleach knots ,lace wigs with silk top will made you looks more natural,that had become an common sense.so today let us talk some special.other factors that make you looks more natural,they are hair density,hair color,and so on.

Hair density,you should choose that according your own hair,too thick or too thin will not good for you.hair color,it is another factor important,maybe one hair color is perfect on someone,but it not means it fit you also well.so our advice is that,you should not try special color on human hair lace wigs,that will waste your money,and also will not looks great.another small tips is that,when you choose lace color,you should same color with your scalp.

Besides above things you should take into account.there we share another good way for you,it is the cap design.acturaly most customer will regardless this thing.it is the design of cap construction.full lace wigs had been in market a long time,besides full lace wigs,in recent days also comes some new design human hair lace wigs,especially 360 lace wigs and u part lace wigs.these two kinds caps can have a better natural looks on you.

For 360 lace wigs is just designed by recent months.it is development from 360 lace frontal.it is full lace around head,and crown with machine made .so maybe you will confused how can that be more natural?

In past ,we often meet customer ask crown with more hair,through 360 lace wigs,it can do from 80-180% density on crown,so no matter you want light or heavy on crown,it is easy to meet your demand.

Upart wig is U shape in front wig,when you wear that,you should make your own hair go through the U shape,then your own hair will blend with the hair on wigs.please note,if you choose Upart lace wigs,please make sure your own hair color and texture same like the lace wigs you order,so that can promise blend natural.

Go with human hair extensions

Black women more like use human hair wefts,white women more like use tape hair extension and keratin hair extensions and clips hair.

So what you should note to make your hair extensions looks more natural ?

1:choose right color,this is very important!

Hair extensions different with human hair lace wigs,for human hair lace wigs,you can collect all your own hair under the lace cap,so even your own hair not match the wigs,it is no problem,for human hair extensions,if you wear hair color have difference,it is to be seen as a fake.

2:change hair style

Change hair style on hair extensions is very fashion way to make you looks more natural,hairstyle can easy help you occlusion some tracks,imagine you try to wear a curl wefts hair extensions on your head.the tracking of wefts can easy occlusion by the curl.

3:change the hair extensions on time

Every kind hair extensions have its own lifetime,such as human hair wefts,if you use too long time,the line will loose,and that will lead to shedding.and also according your own hair grown,the track will down,for tape hair the tape also will become not strong enough after you wear some time.for micro beads hair,micro beads also will show with hair growth.so replace them in time is very important.

Besides above hair extensions,here is one kind hair extensions we want take it individual.it is clips hair extensions.clips hair extensions it only one hair extension you can take off and on anytime.for this kind hair extension,you just need worry the clips and line color on it is right,give an example,black hair with black clips,yellow clips with blonde hair.

If you have some more great ideas can help your lace wigs and hair extensions looks more natural,welcome communicate with us ,if your advice be taken by us,we would like to give you some discount or award to you !


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