Virgin hair or remy hair is better when choose human hair wigs and hair extensions?

Virgin hair or remy hair,that is question,when we make decide to buy one human hair lace wigs or human hair extensions,this always a problem made you headache.

Here let us help you make decision more easier.

Human hair lace wigs

The factors you should consider before buy human hair lace wigs

How long you want wear the lace wigs,how often you want change lace wigs,what hair color and hair style you want .you want do the hair by yourself or not.

1:if you want wear one human hair lace wigs for around 1 year or more,then virgin hair will be your great hair the advantage is less even never processed,cuticle all in one direction,so it is more easy to tangle free.

But if you change lace wigs frequently,maybe 2-3 months per one,then remy hair lace wigs is enough.

2:for human hair color.if you are normally like black hair color,then remy hair and virgin hair less difference,but if you want blonde color or some special hair color such as red wine color.dark pink color,white blonde,then virgin hair will be your only choice.we both know when dye hair color you should deeply processed,the more deeply processed,the more damaged will hair can less be hurt than remy hair.

As for hair style,there is no influence on both remy hair and virgin can easy choose hair style on both hair material.

3:whether you want dye hair by yourself.

The most different between remy hair and virgin hair is the cuticle,so if you often deal hair color by yourself,then virgin hair must be your only is more easy to dye than remy hair,and also can keep quality after many time processed.

Acturaly besides above factors,price also a very important reason for customers choose the hair material.

Human hair extensions

There have many kinds of human hair extensions in market,such as human hair bundles,clips hair extensions,tape hair extensions,keratin hair extensions.

Please note human hair extensions different like human hair lace wigs,so when you choose the hair material,that should be take into account,we all know for one good quality human hair lace wigs,it can be wear around 1-2years,but no kind human hair extensions can wear such long time,no matter how you care,it is impossible for human hair extension last so long time.

1:wefts hair extensions

Wefts hair extension normally can last around 3-6 months,for black color we think both remy hair and virgin hair will no also not worry hair color and hair texture can not match your own hair.but still like human hair wigs,if you want some special color,then we recommend you virgin hair.

2:clips hair extensions.

Clips hair extensions is one kind human hair can take off very easy ,as it have this kind feature,so you no need worry hair material,just consider hair color and hair texture blend your own hair perfect.

3:keratin hair extension

Keratin hair extensions is most be used on white women,so blonde color more popular.and another factor for that,keratin hair can be in this condition.we recommend you choose virgin can have a good quality even after processed.and also can last longer time.

4:tape hair extensions

Tape hair extensions is a little similar like keratin hair,it is also most be used by white girl,and also can be reuse(just change the tape on hair).so our recommend for you also virgin hair.

Here we also would like to clear one thing:

We often met customer ask our question:such as ,is the virgin hair natural color is blonde?(such as color 60).

For both virgin hair and remy hair natural color most are natural black,the natural color betweencolor1B# and 2#.(european virgin hair natural color have some blonde and dark brown).

So when you choose one color such as 613#,and we state it is virgin hair,that stands this kind hair color we use virgin hair material dye for you to color613#.

Maybe someone will ask ,since both remy hair and virgin hair can dye to any color as you want,why should i choose virgin hair ?

We had said in above,though both remy hair and virgin hair can be dye to similar color,but virgin hair less be processed,so it can last longer and less tangle than remy hair.that means virgin hair lace wigs or hair extensions can have better quality than remy hair products.

Finally,different people have different sight on both remy and virgin hair,above just our should according to your own condition choose the best product for you.


Service team