u part lace wig

wig as one of the most popular product is popular by woman all over the world,as the developed of the wigs,more and more wigs comes and improved.people not only see beauty also see the way wear easy and realistic,silk top lace wig is good ,but it is expensive,so we have upart lace wig now.in order to match different kind people demand,we had design a few kinds cap for yu choose:

first: u part lace front wig.

this kind upart lace wig front made by hand,back with machine and back with adjust strip can change cap size easily.here we attached a few picture for yu have a reference:

front look

side look.

second: upart machine wig

this kind wig just have a u shape in middle of front part,and other place all made by machine,the most advantage of this kind wig is cheap.the price of this kind wig can be affordable by all people.

and on base of cheap ,it is still can keep realistic,it is be popular by most african black people.

third : u part full lace wig

this kind of wig is made all by hand,it is more comfortable than the above upart lace wigs,and also the price is expensive than the last two wigs.

most people may will ask how to use the upart lace wig?

first yu take your own hair from the u shape part (by this way people will see your own scalp,that is really realistic),and then use the comb on both side of u shape clamps your hair,after that put down your own hair,(this way your own hair will cover the u shape) and then part your own hair from middle.

it is easy,even can no use glue(most people not like glue on wig),so what you are waiting for ?

start upart lace wigs from now !


Service team