Thin skin human hair lace front & full lace wigs

We meet some customers asked about us what is PU?in fact PU have another name,it is thin skin.

Thin skin only can be made on lace wigs,such as lace front wigs,full lace wigs,glueless lace wigs,mono wigs.

Usually thin skin on lace wigs have three way to do,thin skin in front,thin skin around premier,and whole head thin skin.

But not all people know the function of thin skin on lace wigs,in fact there have two mainly is for the people who have allergy

problem,some people scalp is sensitive,they can not touch the lace directly,then thin skin comes,so most medical lace wigs all have

thin skin.second reason some people think thin skin can combine scalp very well,so if use well it can no need glue(in fact it is not

absolute).the third function is that because the thin skin is covered on lace ,that means the hair knots also be covered,so it looks more

access to it can looks reality than normal lace wigs without thin skin.

And in fact there have two kind thin skin in market for now,one is very soft,we also name PU,another kin is harder than thin skin,we also

named NPU,so which one is good that depends different customers customs.

Like we talked on above thin skin on lace wigs can makes scalp seems reality,but as we know thin skin covered on lace,so it is not have

a good breath compared with normal lace wigs,so in most situation,we recommend customers choose thin skin around full lace wigs,

by this way it can keep good breath,and also can make hairline looks more reality.

Anyway,every customer have a different reason to choose human hair lace wigs,above is just our advice,it is the best to choose human

hair lace wigs according to own demand.


Service team