The strongest recommendation:Human Hair Bundles

Even though there are various kinds of different hair products on the market,such as the popular

full lace wig,lace front wig,silk top lace wig,human hair lace wig.compared with these,

I think human hair bundles

is more benefit.It has a moderate price,and quite easy to deal can use it more flexible.Here are

some features and production process of human hair bundles,we can know it through this and then

choose it and trust it,even fall in love with it.

1.human hair bundles is popular in both black woman and white woman.

United Stated market:usually,Indian hair is the popular material,because it is suitable for making wave.

but these years Brazilian virgin hair more popular than before.

European market:Chinese virgin hair is more popular.

2. The human hair bundles is 100% pure human hair

Virgin hair:100% unprocessed virgin hair natural from health donator.

Chinese remy hair:top remy hair,ensure all cuticle in same direction ,no tangle.

Brazilian virgin hair:soft and easy to make texture.

3. Any color and texture are available.

4.Sewed by double line,make sure the thickness of the human hair bundles.

5.Good craftsmanship,more color for sewing line for customer choose,keep the same.

6.High quality and strictly production line,make sure the hair quality enough and stronger,no hair fall off.

7.Silky soft,and naturally looking.

human hair bundles process

1. measure weight according to customer’s order

2. regular the hair

3. put the hair

4. sewing hair with glue

5. glue by hand operation

6. double sew

7. clean hair

8. deal with hair after comb and protection

Once you use the human hair bundles,you can be aware of its magic effect and convenience,

and it won’t let you down.


Service team