The most popular wig for white women-monofilament wigs

In most women mind,the marketing who wear lace wigs is black women,but if we told you white women wear wigs as many as black women,will you be shocked?though white women also wear wigs,but less white women know what the most popular wig for them,and now let us tell you,monofilament wig is the most popular wig for you!

So why we have said this?

Our company had been doing lace wigs more than 15 years,we are very professional on wigs.white women wear lace wigs is different like black women.Black women in most their times,they have to wear lace wigs,because they can not have long hair as they want.that means black women have their original hair,but white women is different,they wear wigs because most of them have hair problem,some are shedding,some are cancer caused and so white women most have apart of their own hair,or they no hair.

No matter white women or black women,when they wear lace wigs,there have three important things,one is keep the breathability.and other is natural looking.three is no glue use,it is not easy to keep this two feather together.and lucky mono wig can keep these two together.

Mono wig most are front mono and back by machine wig,by this way it can have good breath,and also easy to take off.(someone maybe asked glueless lace wig can also meet this demand,but lace front wig need wear wig nets before wear lace wig,that is not a good breath).

As for natural looking,we all know silk stop is the most natural caps for now,but it is the most expensive,not all women can easy accept the price.and also silk top is thicker than mono.mono wig cap is have a smaller hole than lace(maybe you want say lace already small.but mono smaller).with this feather it will looks more natural than lace.

So if you are a white women,and if you need try a wig,and if you don’t know which kind wig cap to choose,then mono wig worth you to have a try !


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