The most popular synthetic hair lace front wigs

Everyone will change their hairstyle a few times within one year.some times you have a plan of your new hairstyle,but sometimes you no,also the same sense.most girl would like to wear a synthetic lace front wigs,but when they open one online store,there have so many kinds hair color and hair style for you to will feel it is hard to choose the one you love.because you love order to help you choose better synthetic lace front we list some popular color and style for reference.

1: ombre color dark root grey bottom synthetic lace front wigs.

This style is the most popular in all over the world. If you ask what color is the most popular color this year,most people will say it is grannyhair.dye grannyhair on your own hair will bring a very big damage on your hair,so why not choose a synthetic lace front wigs to meet your demand,it is easy to wear and also very cheap!

2:kim kardashian hairstyle synthetic lace front wigs.

Black hair color is always classic color.for anytime any place ,you will never out of fashion wth black hair.but if you referred which kind black hair style is the most demand,the answer must be kim kardashian hairstyle.

3:purple white synthetic lace front wigs

Most woman very very want to have a try with pure white hair,even dye their own hair,if you want get 100% pure white,it is still very hard,then synthetic hair have a great can show 100% pure white.that is also why it can stay in top ten popular every year.

4:root dark bottom blonde synthetic lace front wigs

if you want find another hair color as popular as ombre grey color,then root black with bottom blonde will be a very is not fresh also not special,but it still can bring you elegance looking.

5:silver grey synthetic hair lace front wigs

Like grey ,pure white hair,Silver gray also another kind hair color that people hard to get by human hair,so if you want experience this kind of color,then synthetic hair lace front wigs is a good choice.

Above are some popular synthetic lace wigs we recommend,acturally synthetic hair have so many color and kinds,so it is change very frequently,there are so many hair style and hair color we can choose,besides these we also can do custom synthetic hair for you .just enjoy your experience on synthetic hair wigs!


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