The Distinguish Between Medical Human Hair Lace Wig And Fashion Lace Wig

usually the function of human hair lace wig have two kind,one is for medical,such as the people who have

cancer or hair shedding problem.and another is for fashion,but there have a difference between medical

human hair lace wig and fashion lace wigs.

first:medical lace wig must be comfortable,and as the lace touch the scalp directly,so it is strict with the

lace material.

normally there have there kind use the most for human hair lace wig,they are thin skin,lace,and

mono.each people have different demand for lace material,some people are sensitive to thin skin.

but the basic demand is clean,breath,soft.

second:as most people is no hair,so when they choose medical lace wig,they should choose the

lace wig no use combs or clips,so fix the lace wig to the head becomes very important,so it is better

to choose the lace material have stretch.

last:not all people can wear human hair lace wig,some people even sensitive to human hair material,

so they have to use synthetic hair.

as medical lace wig have a high demand on skill,so the price is a little expensive than fashion wig.

so before you wear a lace wig,you must know yourself very well,if you don't know ,you must ask

for doctor.

for fashion lace wigs there have no special demand for every people,when you choose lace wig

for yourself,mostly according to their own love.they pay more attention on style of lace wigs,

color of lace wigs,as this kind of people normally have their own hair,so when they measure the

size for their lace wig,the wig cap size should be bigger 1-2cm than the head circumstance.

and if you just wear the lace wig in some special occasion,you no need care the life of the lace wig,

but if you plan to wear a long time,it is better for you to choose a better breath lace wig,finally fashion

lace wig also can choose human hair lace wig and synthetic hair lace wig,because some people

even have their hair,they maybe also sensitive to hair material.


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