The Difference With 360 Lace Frontals And Normal Lace Frontals And Lace Closure

if you are in hair products,especially wigs,lace closure ,human hair bundles,then you will know these days have a kind of lace frontal is is 360 lace frontal.maybe you are not know or never wear that ,but we sure you will know that we help you do a clear know it.

We are already very familiar with normal lace frontal and lace closure,they are size 13*4 ,and 4*4 is the most.but 360 lace frontal size is different,it is 22*4*2.from the size you can see some difference,and yes this kind of lace frontal is 360 degree lace band frontal,and yes it is circular.

22is the cap size,4inch wideth in front and 2inch wide in let us see what the advantage it have with other lace frontals and closure.

1: it can have baby hair around the head.we know both normal lace frontal and lace closure,it can only have baby hair in front or in the middle part,but 360 lace frontal have baby all around head,for many women who love baby hair is a good news.

2: more natural hairline

We know lace wigs why is popular,that is because of the natural hairline,more people choose lace wigs because of the hairline,and now 360 lace frontal easy to solution this problem,it also with natural hairline,this is the biggest advantage than lace frontal and lace closure.

3: size can adjust according to your head.

This is another good advantage,we know both lace closure and lace frontal just be sew into head together with human hair bundles,so once be sewed,it is hard to move the positation.but 360 lace frontal have adjust strip in back,so it can adjust easily.

For some people ,then more like to do the full lace wigs by themself,before come 360 lace frontal,they have to sew full head with hair bundles and lace closure,that is not natural also take more time,if you still would like do do lace wigs by yourself,then 360 lace frontal is your best choice.

4:more easy to take off and on

We know when wear human hair wefts with closure,it is a little complexed when wash them,it take more time to take them off.but with 360 lace frontal ,you no need have this is more easy to take off and on.

But 360 lace frontal also have it is own disadvantage,we know sometimes ,people only have slightly thin hair on head,so by this way,they only need sew a small piece lace closure to their head,then will be ok ,so by this way ,normal lace closure and lace frontal more flexible.

Another opinion from my own,i think human hair bundles and lace closure sew together with your own hair ,can blend more realistic than 360 lace frontal.also as traditional lace closure and frontal no need glue or tape,the head breath also better than 360 lace frontal.

So no matter which kind hair pieces you choose,do the best according to your own situation.please remember comfortable and realistic is the most important thing.


Service team