the difference between human hair lace wig and synthetic lace front wig

some people like human hair full lace wigs,but for some reason many people also like synthetic lace front wig,so here share the knowledge of synthetic lace front wig with everyone.

1:please keep in mind,synthetic lace wig can do the same cap construction as human hair lace wig,such as full lace wig,lace front wig,gluelss wig ,and so on,and also can choose the same lace material with human hair lace wigs,including swiss lace,french lace,silk top,and thin skin.

2: for hair style synthetic lace wig also can do the same as human hair product,such as light yaki,kinky straight,straight,wave,curl and so on,and synthetic hair also can do mixed color,highlight color and so on.

3: hair density also can do from 100%-180%.but there also have some different place of synthetic lace front wig and human hair full lace wig.

a: synthetic hair length no limited if you like ,it can from 8-50inches,but human hair less to find hair length can reach 50inch.even have the price less people can afford.

b:synthetic hair is cheap,this is the most big advantage than human hair.and synthetci hair lace wig also clean than human hair (for some reason ,some people not like human hair).

c:synthetic hair color is more than human hair,some color on human hair can not be done,but it is not a problem on synthetic hair ,it can have all the color you can imagine.and for synthetic hair color also will not fade,for human hair,if you choose fresh color,it is easy fade after you wash sometimes.

d:we both know when you do curl or some hard style on human hair light color,the curl or wave will not last a very long time,but synthetic hair lace wig will no this problem.

disadvantage of synthetic hair lace front wig

a:when yu wear that,it is not as comfortable as human hair full lace wig,human hair is more soft,and synthetic is more hard.

b:when you wear a synthetic lace wig,it is easy to be know,because the material looks than seems not natural.

we welcome you add more your thoughts of both synthetic hair and human hair .your words will be seen very helpful!


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